Gift Cards

Homewood has gift cards that can be purchased in any amount! You can purchase them at the nursery, or, if it’s more convenient, we can process them by phone or email and mail them to the person(s) of your choice. You can call the nursery at (919) 847-0117 to do a phone order or conduct the transaction via email. For email orders we need the following information:

• The name and address of the recipients if you want us to send it to them
• Your full name as it appears on your credit card and billing address
• A Visa or Mastercard number with expiration date and the last 3 digits off to the side of the
number on the back side of the card
• To and From, if you want us to fill it out for you
• The amount of money to be put on the card
Once this information is received, we will process the order and put the card in the mail to the
recipients and the receipts in the mail to you. We can also send everything to you if you prefer to send it to the recipient yourself.
For more information, please call us (919) 847-0117 or email us at

NOTE: Email orders received between Friday night and Sunday night will be processed the following Monday. If you need it sooner than that, please call us during store hours and purchase the card over the phone. If you do not receive a quick reply to your email, our Chief of Email Correspondence could be on vacation, in which case, please give us a call and do it the old school way.