Community Roots Program

Homewood is committed to supporting local service organizations and charities, and has made countless donations in the past. Each year, we receive many requests for donations. In order to accommodate the volume of requests, we have developed our Community Roots Program in the hopes that we can better respond to requests and offer organizations the opportunity to earn even more money than they would from a basic donation.

how it works

Organizations will be offered the opportunity to earn 10% of the sales from purchases made by their supporters.
  • Together, we will select a date that will work for all of us on which you can encourage all of your friends, family, and supporters to come out and shop at Homewood.
  • You will be given a package of our Community Roots Program cards and sticker labels with the event details. Affix the labels to the cards and hand them out to everyone who might come and shop the day of your fundraiser. 
  • Supporters will come to Homewood on that date to shop and support. At checkout, they will present the Community Roots cards to the cashier.
  • Those sales will be stapled to a duplicate receipt and set aside. At the end of the day, the receipts will be totaled and 10% of the sales from those purchases will go directly to the organization. The beauty of this is that there will be potential for a far greater monetary donation than Homewood can normally accommodate!

how organizations can make even more for their cause

You will get out what you put into this! Sound the horns to your people and get the word out to them by trying the following:
  • Posting several times on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or whatever social media format you are using. Homewood will also post the event to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. 
  • Send a text to your friends, family, and others who may contribute to remind them to shop on the appointed day and time. 
  • Post it on your website. Homewood will also post the event on our Events page. 
  • Have a table out on the big day at Homewood so you can meet and greet your people and thank them for supporting you. Whenever you post on social media or send a text, mention that you'll be at Homewood that day. Knowing that you will be here for your cause will encourage your supporters to come out and wave the flag!

organizations, schools, & groups supported in the past:

  • Lacy Elementary School
  • Food Ark 
  • ​Pretty in Pink Foundation
  • Prevent Blindness NC
  • Hope Reins
  • ​Wakefield High School
  • Relay for Life
  • Adult Care Center
  • Grace Community Church
  • Safe Haven for Cats
  • Norlina Community Garden
  • 4-H Horse Club
  • Southeastern Wake Adult Day Health Center
  • Wake Forest Women's Club
  • DHIC
  • Crossroads Fellowship