We will be TEMPORARILY closed Tuesday, March 31st - Thursday, April 9th. We will RE-OPEN Friday, April 10th, and our store hours will be 10am-5pm, Mon-Sat. Closed Sundays. 
In the interim, we will be examining logistics for the ways to best serve our customers while preserving the health and 
safety of both our employees and shoppers who visit the store, including a pre-order and curbside pick-up program. Sign up for our emails on our Contact Page to get the latest updates! 
The NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has determined that nurseries & garden centers
are a part of critical infrastructure in accordance with guidance from the Department of Homeland Security.  
With this in mind, Homewood will continue to remain open until further notice. Please check this page again
for continuing updates, and read on below for more information about our coronavirus response.
At this time, we are temporarily suspending delivery services.  This may change soon,  but for the health and safety of all, we are respecting the preferences of employees who do not wish to come to work at this time as well as asking sick or symptomatic employees to remain at home. As such, we are operating with reduced staff.
Our in-home, in-business Container Garden Service has been temporarily suspended. We will resume this service as soon as we are able. Stay tuned.
While we wish we could accommodate requests for pre-orders and drive-up service, due to logistical problems, we are unable to meet these requests at this time. Thank you for your grace
and forbearance while we consider best how to offer this service.
Our buying  decisions are being revised multiple times daily and weekly. As such our inventory may be different for this year as compared to times past. 
Because of reduced staffing, we cannot always answer the phones to our normally high standards. Please bear with us during this time. We will be answering emails and online messages, as possible.  During the time we are closed, we will be unable to field requests about which plants are in stock.  These policies will change as the crisis moves forward and we will keep everyone informed.
Stay well and be safe, everyone!
Virtual hugs to all of you from your Homies!
Some measures Homewood is taking in response to COVID-19:
-  Practicing and reinforcing social distancing guidelines of 6 feet
- Increased sanitation and hygiene of common areas and surfaces
- Posting and encouraging aggressive hygiene practices such as hand-washing and disinfection of communal surfaces
- Disposable gloves for cashiers, wagon-pullers, and any employee who  wants them
- We have asked employees who are sick to remain at home, and, not to return until they have their doctor's approval and no longer have a fever
- Those employees who have sick family members are being asked to remain at home for 14 days
- We are closely following information being given by the governor and CDC
- We respect any employee who prefers to remain at home
- Full-time and part-time permanent employees will receive compensation for time out due to illness

Discover Homewood

Scroll down to check out our different departments and the services we offer!
Shrub, trees, perennials, and more await you in our outdoor nursery. Find the perfect shade tree, shrubs for the front of the house,  perennials for beautiful flowers year after year, and annuals for seasonal flower power, as well as veggies, fruits, & herbs for your kitchen garden.
We've got a great selection of lush houseplants from little ones for terrariums to big specimens for larger spaces. You'll find popular varieties like fiddle-leaf fig and monstera and a host of other excellent plants for indoor spaces. 
An evolving selection of unique gifts, fun accessories, select apparel, and fabulous finds for the home await you in our Gift & Home Shop. Come see it during the  holidays when it transforms into a holiday shop teeming with Christmas decorations and gifts.
From fertilizer to garden gloves to pruners and pest control. We have an excellent selection of garden supplies to help you achieve success with your plants. 
"I have shopped at Homewood for flowers and bushes at least 20 times over the past three years that I've been living here in Raleigh, and I have never been disappointed.  Very high quality plants, very friendly and helpful service, great selection, and a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere to shop for plants, as it seems more like an outdoor botanical garden.  Superb! "
- John Pucher (Google Review)
"The knowledge and time that the employees take to work with me are really helping to improve an area of my yard that really needs it. "  -Bruce Cartier (Google Review)
"Great place to browse, find hard to find items, and get great service.  Huge variety of plants, furnishings, trees, and so much more.  We love coming here for the variety. " - Chris Shearer (Google Review)


Don't feel like digging a lot of holes or one really big one?
We offer planting through our sister company, Landvision Designs.
Let Homewood design and plant your container gardens! We can come to you for the full-service experience or you can bring us your empty pots,  and we will custom design fabulous container gardens for you! Due to short-staffing, in-home container garden services have been temporarily suspended. We will be glad to help you with you container gardens in the store.
Let us bring the difficult-to-handle plants and pots to you! Due to short-staffing delivery services have been temporarily suspended but will resume as soon as possible.

About Us

Get to know more about what makes us different.

Homewood's Founders, Bill & Peggy Stoffregen

     Homewood is recognized as a leader in the horticulture industry and has been featured in local, state, and national publications. Our unique combination of over 4 acres of greenhouses, garden center,  and a park-like outdoor nursery department make it a destination for both local and out-of-state visitors, as do our knowledgeable, friendly staff and excellent selection of plants. The greenhouses and nursery  department are regularly toured by university horticulture classes and has been a learning ground for many students. What we really hope sets us apart our our core values that we try to practice every day:
Customers          There is only one boss – the customer.  We will listen and serve in a manner that
consistently produces delighted customers.
Faith & Family  We are closed Sundays to allow our staff time with family, and for spiritual renewal.
Our People         We are dedicated to hiring excellent staff and treating them well and with respect.  
We will also provide the necessary resources and training for them to succeed.
Quality                 We will provide our customers with the two dimensions of quality; quality of
product and quality of service. Both will be at a standard that will make our staff
proud to work at Homewood.
Knowledge         We will provide our customers with the knowledge needed to be successful gardeners.
We provide answers to customers’ questions and recommend the best plants for their needs. 
Integrity              Character does matter.  Our honesty and integrity in all situations must not be compromised.
Fun                        We provide products that beautify homes, workplaces, and landscapes.
Our customers have an innate desire to work with their hands; to grow things;
to feel connected to nature.  We have the privilege of meeting that need.    
     We grow many of the plants we sell including flowering annuals, houseplants, vegetables, and, most famously, poinsettias. Many who visit in spring are unaware of the 35,000  poinsettias we grow in our for the holidays, and the wonderful holiday photo ops you can find in the poinsettia-filled greenhouses.
     Homewood's mission is to be committed to providing the finest quality plants and service in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.  

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