Houseplant & Boston Fern Rentals

Plants add great ambiance and mood to all kinds of events including indoor and outdoor parties, bridal showers, and weddings. Rent our beautiful plants for your next event! If you are concerned about transport, we can deliver and pick up your plants. Boston Ferns are typically available for rental from April through August. Houseplants are available year round. 

Boston fern: $7 per day
8" pot Houseplant: $10 per day
10" pot Houseplant: $12 per day
12" pot Houseplant:  $15 per day
14" pot Houseplant: $20 per day
Plants must be returned the next business day by 5pm. Saturday rentals return on Monday since Homewood is closed on Sundays. There is no rental charge for Sundays.
The full  price of the plant will be charged if the plant is returned in unsellable condition. Homewood is not responsible for plants after they leave Homewood property.
Delivery Available: $100. Includes delivery and pick up.
Place Your Rental Request: Call us at (919) 847-0117 and ask for Denise Etheridge or one of the Retail Greenhouse Staff. They can assist you with the rental process and get all the necessary details.