Special Order Conifers, Specimens & Miniature Plants

the time for fall 2020 Iseli pre-orders has begun!

If you love conifers, Japanese maples, or unusual plants, you will love our Early Order Discount Program for these plants. Together with premier specialty grower Iseli Nursery,
Homewood is bringing hard-to-find varieties, miniature cultivars, and beautiful, large specimens to Raleigh.

Pre-order now to receive 25% off!

1.   Click a purple button  to browse Iseli’s current availability

2.   Create your wish list.

3.   Email your list to us for pricing:  Christina@homewoodnursery.com

4.   Place your final order with us by  Friday, August 3rd.

5.   Once your order has been confirmed by Iseli we will email an invoice to you.

6.   Pre-pay within one week of your invoice date to receive 25% off of your order and officially reserve your selections.

* the fine print 

The cut-off date for orders is *August 3rd*!   All final orders must be made by this date.
Pre-payments must be made within one week of your invoice date to receive your discount.  
Your plants should arrive at Homewood Nursery around the first week of March.
We will call you to let you know when the shipment arrives & your pre-paid order has been tagged for you.
Contact Christina in the Nursery Department with any questions  919-847-0117

Click the logo for pictures and info from Iseli
* Please note that not all of the plants shown on Iseli’s website will be available this season.

Iseli Nursery plants growing in Raleigh, NC!

Highlights from Homewood's tour of Iseli Nursery, 2018

A happy customer's Iseli order