Specimen Conifers, Japanese Maples & Miniature Plants

If you love conifers, Japanese maples, or unusual plants, you will love our Early Order Discount Program for these plants. Together with premier specialty grower Iseli Nursery, Homewood is bringing hard-to-find varieties, miniature cultivars, and beautiful, large specimens to Raleigh.

Check back here in early July to place your fall Iseli order.

*to see Iseli's spring availability list
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Here's how you can pre-order to receive 25% off your spring 2022 plants

1.   Click the purple button to browse Iseli’s current availability as of 1-4-22.

2.   Create your wish list.

3.   Email your list to us for pricing:  Christina@homewoodnursery.com

4.   We  will respond with a price list for your items.

5.   Make your final choices & place your order with us by  Friday,  February 11th. *see fine print

6.   Once your order has been confirmed by Iseli we will email an invoice to you.

7.   Pre-pay within one week of your invoice date to receive 25% off of your order and officially reserve your selections.

* the fine print 

Homewood's cut-off for Iseli orders is February 11th.  After this date we may be able to add to our order but the plant availability will decrease dramatically so you may not get what you want.

Pre-payments must be made within one week of your invoice date to receive your discount.  
Your plants should arrive at Homewood Nursery around the first week of March.
We will call you to let you know when the shipment arrives & your pre-paid order has been tagged for you.
Contact Christina in the Nursery Department with any questions  919-847-0117.

Click here for pictures and info from Iseli Nursery
* Please note that not all of the plants shown on Iseli’s website will be available this season.

Iseli Nursery plants growing in Raleigh, NC!

Highlights from Homewood's tour of Iseli Nursery, 2018

A happy customer's Iseli order

A happy customer's Iseli order

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the pot sizes mean?

Most west coast growers use a # sign instead of calling something by a gallon size.  For instance,  #3 instead of 3 gallon. LPPs are 4" round pots. RGP are 6" round pots.  Both are great, less expensive options for expanding your collection. BB (balled & burlapped) plants are grown in the ground (instead of in containers), then dug up .

How can I choose the best location for my selections?

Many conifers and Japanese Maples prefer afternoon shade in our climate. Some may be able to adapt to full sun if they are given wind protection and consistent irrigation, especially if they are in a "cool spot" away from concrete, brick, or other heat reflecting surfaces. If you have questions about a specific plant feel free to ask.

How long does the ordering process take? 

Once you make your wishlist and send it to us we will send back a price list within 24-48 hours. Your wishlist may include several size/price options per plant to choose from. You may take all the time you need to make your final decision as long as you place your order with us before the deadline listed above. After your final order has been placed we have to wait for our Iseli rep to confirm your order.

What does AB Grade mean?

Iseli Nursery has very high standards (that's why we like them so much). Any plant they feel is less than perfect they will downgrade it and offer it at a discounted price. These plants are often just a little bit overgrown such as a #3 that should have been potted up into a #6. The result is a plant that is taller than a regular #3 and maybe just a little more rootbound but at a lower price. We find them to be a great value.

When do I pay for my plants?

You won't be asked to pay for your plants until Iseli officially confirms your order and we email an invoice to you. Then we ask that you call or come in to pay for your plants within a week of receiving your invoice. Your invoice will be saved at the register under your last name so that any cashier can access it.

When will my plants arrive?

Iseli Nursery has complete control over when our order leaves Oregon and it can take up to a week before the truck arrives in NC. This can make it difficult to tell you exactly when your plants will get here.  But rest assured that once we carefully unload the truck and secure your plants we will let you know they're here and ready for pickup.

What if my order isn't confirmed by Iseli ?

After we submit your order to Iseli we begin the waiting process. Sometime during the first week of February they begin the "allocation" process. This is when they take into consideration all the orders they have received from across the US. They then divvy up the plants to each nursery in a fair manner.  This may mean that we don't get everything we ask for. The good news is that there is still time to change your order if you are willing to settle for a different size. If faced with this situation we will help you make whichever substitutions you'd like.

Will these plants do well in our area?

As you can see from Iseli's website, the number of species they grow is huge. But many of them won't survive our hot, humid summers. Each season we take Iseli's list and remove from it all of the plants that we know will most definitely fail here. The plants that make the cut have been proven to grow in the Raleigh area by either the JC Raulston Arboretum or a customer such as the plants in the slideshow above.
If you have any questions about specific plants and how challenging they are to grow here just ask! If you're a beginner there are definitely some great choices to start with.