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Home Greenhouses - Own Your Own!
Purchasing a greenhouse for your home has never been easier. Homewood Nursery & Garden Center has partnered with National Greenhouse Co., a division of Nexus Corp., the premier manufacturer of residential, commercial and institutional greenhouses, to provide Homewood customers with the opportunity to purchase a residential greenhouse kit or upscale home greenhouse at a 5% discount from the manufacturer’s retail price. Compare these greenhouses to other manufacturers and you will certainly not be disappointed, we are not! Mention our promotional code below and let us help you start a beautiful spring garden in your new greenhouse.

Whether you are a hobby gardener or an avid enthusiast your first year in a greenhouse will be a wonderful journey. A greenhouse for your home can allow you to cultivate sustainable produce for your family year round, start seedlings for your spring garden, cultivate new flower varieties and hold your outdoor plants over through the winter.

When purchasing a greenhouse it is important to consider exactly what you will be growing. Some gardeners only require a small unheated greenhouse to start seeds in the spring, grow warm weather fruits and vegetables in the summer and extend their gardening season into the late fall while others intend to garden year round. Nexus Greenhouses offers the Cultivator Premier™ greenhouse, a moderately priced 9’ x 12’ polycarbonate greenhouse, for the less demanding gardener. On the other hand, if you plan on growing throughout the year in a fully automated environment the Cultivator Elite™ greenhouse can be customized to meet the needs of the even the most demanding gardener.

Homewood Nursery made the choice to grow in a Nexus Greenhouse and so can you.