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New at Homewood!

Time to redeem your blooming bucks!

Blooming Bucks are coupons earned all spring when you shop at Homewood! For every $10 spent, you received 1 Blooming Buck worth the equivalent of $1 in cash. From June 1st - 15th, you can redeem the Blooming Bucks you earned and spend them like cash for just about ANYTHING at Homewood.

For example, you could buy a $10 plant and pay for it with 5 Blooming bucks and $5 in cash, check, charge, or Apple pay. Maybe you've already put in plants this spring. Spend your Blooming Bucks on  a new watering hose, or fertilizer to keep those plants happy. How about a pretty fountain for the porch or garden, some new pottery, or home decor or a gift from the Gift Shop? We've got great little bistro sets, hammocks, and other furniture you can use those Bucks on, too!  Blooming Bucks cannot be used on pine straw, gift cards, or Spartina, or be combined with other offers or discounts.

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June classes & workshops

Join us for one of our winter workshops! Classes typically
last about one hour. We do not charge for classes. For those
involving making a project and taking it home, we charge
for materials used and so the cost will vary.

terrarium supplies, tools, & plants

Create a window into a fascinating little world - make a terrarium! We've got what you need to do it and our plant pros can help you put one together and give you a free guide to care.

We Now Recycle Nursery Pots!

Folks, you don't even KNOW how long we've been wanting to offer recycling services for plastic nursery pots and trays! Forever it seems. But, we never could find a service that could accommodate us. Well, times have changed thankfully! 
Bins are located in the corner of our asphalt parking lot 
If you bring pots in bags, please remove them from them before putting the pots in the bins. 
- Please REMOVE AS MUCH DIRT as is reasonable. They don't have to be completely dirt-fee but dump out the excess.
- Remove labels

Air plants and bromeliads in stock 

and houseplants

NASA studies show that houseplants can filter environmental toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from the air. Some of the best houseplants for this include peace lily, English ivy, variegated snake plant, bromeliads, and red-edged dracaena. For best air filtering, one plant per every 100 square feet is recommended.
       Dr. Dr. Allan Armitage's new app, Armitage's Greatest Perennials  & Annuals is a tool we at Homewood Nursery have wanted to provide for a long time.  For both Apple and Android, the app covers hundreds of plants, has over 400 pictures, and over 50 videos. We strongly recommend it for all of our customers because it provides easy-to-read information on many of the plants available in our store and suggests the best variety for hundreds of plants backed up by years of personal and professional experience. A "deer browsing" rating is provided for almost every species, as well, something most gardeners around here really need!  Pretty awesome deal for $4.99!
     Just search "Armitage" in the App Store!

rent boston ferns for your next event!

Having a special event? RENT HOMEWOOD BOSTON FERNS!
No one grows big, fat, AWESOME Boston Ferns like Homewood does, and now you can rent them for events! Boston Ferns add that serene green energy to parties, weddings, home showings, and more. Delivery and pick up available. Call us at (919) 847-0117 for more details!